Battle of the Foundations: Dermacol Make-Up Cover Review


I’m back again with another Battle of the Foundation post! I’m hoping to post these every two weeks and get a little routine going but I’m not going to promise anything as my life is a bit unpredictable!

Dermacol? Who are they?

Dermacol started in Prague in the 1960s and is the brainchild of film makeup artists and dermatologists, hoping to provide a cosmetic line which is friendly to all skin types. The brand is globally sold and do not test on animals, yippee!

Dermacol Make-up Cover 

I had seen countless press and reviews on the Dermacol Make-up Cover before purchasing it for myself as it claims to cover most imperfections. Dermacol proudly announce that the product is ‘the first of its kind in Europe’ and has been sold onto Hollywood for use on screen, in modelling and photography.

The 30g product contains 50% pigment, giving the cover an extreme full coverage. The product isn’t specifically a foundation. I think the intended way of usage is more of a concealer type coverage but I have seen Youtubers and Instagram beauty gurus using it as a foundation and decided to give it a go.

Dermacol Make-Up Cover is hypoallergenic, waterproof and SPF 30.

The Review – Shade 207

As always I cleansed my face, moisturised and then applied Benefits’ ‘That Gal’ Brightening Face Primer. I then used just a touch of Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer to cover some blemishes.


I was a little bit worried about how full the coverage of the product would be as I have freckles and don’t usually cover them completely, so although I like a decent amount of coverage, too much is not a good look for me.

Instantly upon applying it to the back of my hand, the product was a thick paste consistency which meant a little goes a LONG way, you really don’t need much at all.

(I added a side by side of my skin with the product applied (photo 2) and bare skinned (photo 3) for comparison)

The product blended really easily, I opted for more of a dragging and then dabbing in technique to get the skin as even as possible. It settled nicely and didn’t look overly cakey! Very surprising for a full coverage face product!

It also did exactly what was promised and covered all my redness and scarring and it didn’t completely suck all the moisture out of my skin like I had expected when I seen how thick the consistency was.

Makeup blends nicely over the top of the product and I found it lasted a long time, although it did break me out the next day which I was a little disappointed about. However, I really love the dewy finish it gave to my skin!


Overall, I would only really use this product if I had a special event and needed more coverage as it’s a bit heavy for me personally but I can definitely see the appeal for people who are conscious about imperfections on their skin.

The product is £12.99 and can be bought from here if you live in the UK!

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