Month in Music: January


If you know me, or know of me then you’ll know how much I listen/talk about music! If I’m not listening to some good songs then my motivation is rock bottom and I need a little boogie to keep me going.

I’ve decided each month to make a playlist of the top 20 songs that I’ve listened to on repeat (usually until I’m sick of them) and spread all the musical goodness. There will, without a doubt, be a strange mix of genres and sounds on the playlists as quite frankly my music preferences are all over the shop, but it gives great variety!

My top 5 songs of January are:

  •  Sigrid – Strangers

Sigrid is a new and upcoming star from Norway who has recently won the BBC Music Sound of 2018. I first heard her on a breakfast show here in the UK and I instantly loved her sound and style, super laid back and chill with a pop edge. I think we’ll see huge things from her within the year and Strangers is a BOP!

  • Troye Sivan – My, My, My!

He’s back! Troye’s music is so easy to listen to, I still haven’t stopped playing Wild and that came out what, 2015? My, My, My! has that really cool electronic beat that is almost impossible to dance to and I’ve been listening on a loop!

  • Lady Gaga – Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Going) – Piano Version

If Gaga has released music within the month then I can guarantee it’ll be featured on the playlist. Joanne has been one of my favourite albums of the last few years and I’m still angry that it picked up nothing at the Grammys, a travesty! The piano version of Joanne is so beautiful and is the perfect way to round off the era. I’m excited to see what she does next.

  • Natalie Cole – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

An oldie but a goldie! This song is what has put me in a fantastic mood in the mornings recently and I challenge anyone to try and not to toe tap or head bop to this number! A perfect pick up.

  • Bruno Mars [feat. Cardi B] – Finesse (Remix)

I think everyone and their mothers have heard this song. It’s been another top 5 hit for Bruno Mars and it’s clear by this point that he’s a hit machine. Finesse has that retro funk R&B sound that Mars has taken in his stride and it’s so unbelievably catchy. The Cardi B feature compliments the track fantastically!

If you want to listen to the rest of the playlist you can find it on Spotify here.

Happy listening,





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