The Best Drugstore False EyeLashes 2019 [#gifted]

This post includes gifted content however all opinions are completely my own.


Whenever I post a piccy of my makeup and I’m donning some of my favourite falsies, I always get people asking me what lashes I’m wearing and where to get them from.

So to save myself the embarrassment of telling people the wrong information because I threw the box out MONTHS ago and I’m scruffy and been wearing the same lashes for weeks then I’ll write out a list of all my favourites.

  1. Eylure Most Wanted Lashes – U Want It
photo credits:

The falsies are your new best friend. Can’t figure out what will make your eye look pop? These lashes. Want to feel like a supermodel/vs angel? These lashes. Trying to feel better about the 3 cheeseburgers you ate last night? These lashes. They fix EVERYTHING. My absolute go-to lash which you can wear a bunch of times and they still look just as good.

You can purchase them at most drugstores in the UK and online at

2. Ardell Demi Wispies – Invisiband Lashes

photo credits:

Demi Wispies are a cult beauty classic. They’re really easy to apply and have the most gorgeous ‘your lashes but better’ style. I love wearing wispies if I have a more subtle look going on and they’re the perfect addition. The invisband also helps to get that precise fit to the lid if you’re not wearing an eyeliner. The best thing about Ardell is you get a mini DUO glue which is the BEST lash glue.

You can purchase these lashes in most drugstores and also Primark/ Penneys.

3. Eylure – Exaggerate Lashes 141

photo credits:

Long live Eylure 141’s. My old trusty companion. So easy to apply and they look gorg with any look. I’ll reach for these regardless if I’m wearing a dramatic eye look or just going au natural and need something to spice it up a bit. If these aren’t one of Eylure’s best sellers then I’m not sure what else could compare, they’re fool proof.

Again, most drugstores sell these lashes and you can buy them through

4. Kiss Natural Lashes – Iconic

photo credits:

I’m going to hold my hands up and confess, I totally disregarded Kiss lashes when I would see them in store because I’m a lover of dramatic lashes. However, I needed a soft, natural looking pair for a family event recently and Kiss just found themselves a brand new fan. The Iconic lashes are a dream to apply and look more like lash extensions than falsies, a wonder! The tapered end does make a whole lot of difference to making them look more natural. If you have The Fear when it comes to false lashes, give these ones a go first!

5. Eylure x Kimberley Texture Lashes 158

photo credits:

I was kindly gifted a pair of these lashes from Eylure and and I’m so glad these were the pair I recieved. First of all, I bliddy love Girls Aloud and their collab with Eylure is ICONIC.

These lashes are super comfortable and I feel level 10 girly when wearing them. They’re absolutely perfect for the summer and the outer darker lashes give you the lashes well all wish we naturally had!

The best thing about wearing falsies is finding the perfect style and length that suit your eye shape and makeup look. It can be a little frustrating but practise DEFINITELY makes perfect.

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Kendall Jenner and Proactiv: How Not to Pick a Spokesperson

Kendall Jenner, the supermodel star of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and the new face of…Proactiv. Yep, you heard right. Proactiv, the company that sells skincare which claims to aid in the fight against pesky breakouts and acne have hired a globally recognised beautiful, multi-millionaire for their newest spokeswoman. How…relatable?!

Let me start off by saying, Kendall Jenner, can literally not step outside her door without being criticised for her latest business move or personal endeavour (we all remember the Pepsi advert, yikes) so I feel like this latest project is going to make her another target for people to hurl abuse at. Honestly, it’s not cool and I do feel bad for her but girl, please sort out your management they aren’t on your side.

However, the fault here is all on Proactiv.

Proactiv who are targeted at vulnerable teenagers and acne sufferers who will practically sell their soul for clear skin after trying every product, method and diet on the market to rid of their acne. Trust me, I’m one of those people and I really can’t get my head around why they reached out to Kendall of all people to promote their brand.

As a matter of fact, it feels as though the Proactiv board meeting may have gone a little like this:

Proactive Employee 1: “Here’s an idea, why don’t we put up a picture board of all the celebrities who have been photographed with a spot once or twice and who the kids love and then we’ll throw a dart and that’s our newest influencer!”

Proactive Employees: “Amazing, let’s do it”

Proactive Employee 1: “…and it’s Kendall Jenner, right get her in and we’ll make it work”

Probably not accurate, but I can’t be too far off.

Look, I love the Kardashian clan as much as the next person and Kendall has suffered from acne in the past, which in her advert she did seem genuinely affected as many of us are. HOWEVER, she is just the complete wrong person to have representing the brand.

Being a sufferer of adult acne myself (to read more about my skin struggles click here) I’m just amazed by the fact that Proactiv can think that their target market will look at a spokeswoman who clearly has her own dermatologist and can afford cosmetic procedures and believe that she uses only Proactiv products to manage her skin issues. It’s just absolutely ridiculous. I’d much rather a brand be honest and show real peoples journeys so I can relate on a deeper level other than, oh I know her from the telly.

Alas, Proactiv might be promoting the clear skin of our dreams but there are numerous complaints about the product and their long-lasting effects on your health and body. This is including excessive dryness, peeling and rapid aging just to name a few. If you’re more interested in reading further I’ll link some of the blogs I’ve been reading here:

Basically, if you’re really struggling with your skin to the point where it’s getting you down please go to a GP or dermatologist who can offer you support and options which might be more suited to your needs.

What do you think of the campaign?

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Struggling with Adult Acne

Hello everyone,

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written on my blog. I explained in my last post that I wouldn’t be posting until I had my Twitter account unlocked as it is my main blogging tool. However, I’ve been pining to get back to writing and the fact of the matter is, I can’t wait any longer! So here I am to talk about something that has affected me since I hit my late teens/adult years.

During my teenage years, when acne is present amongst pretty much everyone your age, I really didn’t have too much trouble with my skin. I was very lucky and only had the occasional spot with nothing too worrying. For a long time, I was insanely grateful to my skin as not only am I a redhead, I also wear glasses and the thought of acne in my teen years turned me into the typical bully victim we all know and love depicted on screen and in books.

It wasn’t until I turned 19, where I started noticing my skin wasn’t cooperating with me as much as it previously had done. The one place where I seemed to be getting recurring spots was my chin. At first, I thought it was the makeup I was using as I had recently changed my beauty routine. My mother thought it might be because I was using too much skincare, which she still blames today.

As the spots became more frequent, they also began to change in appearance. From little red marking to huge cystic under the skin boils which would be extremely painful and have left me scarred as a result.

Over the last few years, I’ve used multiple products claiming to aid in the fight against acne. I honestly can’t explain how many scrubs, face masks, serums, moisturisers, oils, strips, I’ve been through. I’ve used EVERYTHING. For the most part nothing has really helped.

Last year, I decided to take things to the GP. The option I had been dreading. I don’t like treating my body with medicine unless it is absolutely necessary and would much rather try and find a more natural remedy.

The GP explained that acne on the chin is caused by an imbalance of hormones that occured in a great deal of women and that using a hormone balancing drug would help my skin return to normal.

She put me on Limecycline, a huge sized tablet that I couldn’t take. I’m terrible at taking tablets to begin with and this was my worst nightmare. I cried for a good 45 minutes before hopping onto google and searching if there were any alternatives.

Instead of taking the medication, I found a natural oil, Evening Primrose Oil. The tablets came in different sizes and were all from an organic source. I purchased some from Holland & Barrett and started taking them immediately.

It took a little while before I began to see any results but there were differences to my skin. The cystic spots were smaller and smaller each time my skin flared up. I stayed on Evening Primrose Oil for a good 10 months before deciding that I wanted to give my body a break and see what would happen to my skin.


The acne came back. At this point, I was so fed up that I went to see my GP again and she instead put me on an antibiotic cream. I used the cream when I seen my skin was flaring up and it definitely helped.

Now I’m at a place where I’m not 100% happy with my skin, I still have the odd flare up and I have a lot of texture/scarring on my skin but I don’t get cystic boils anymore and that’s good enough for me.

My confidence is still controlled by how my skin looks though and I’m working my way to feeling more comfortable in myself and realising that I’m not the only one with skin concerns which is a more complicated concept to believe than you may think.

I try not to use as many products on my skin now. If I feel like my skin is flaring up, I’ll use a little tea tree oil and hope for the best.

This post was inspired by Joe Sugg’s video on his adult acne which he posted a few months ago on his Youtube Channel that has made me think ever since about how I look at my own skin journey. You can watch the video here.

I decided to talk about my struggle with acne as I want to hopefully find a permanent solution to my skin concerns and when I do, I’ll be writing about everything I’ve tried during the process.

If you’re reading this and also struggle with acne of any type, you’re not alone and there will be a solution out there for you. It might take a little while to find it and it’s hard not to be impatient when you’re trying so many different products and routines and watching thousands of Youtube videos! Trust me, I’ve been there!

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Simple Guide to Perfect Winged Eyeliner


It’s been a while since I wrote anything beauty related on the blog so here I am today bringing you my ultimate guide to winged eyeliner.

Liquid eyeliner is my do-or-die product when it comes to makeup! I’ve worn winged liner since I was 15 and over the years I’ve managed to find out little tactics and great products that makes what can be a daunting task, just that little bit easier.

I’ve tried all kinds of eyeliner, from gels to creams and khol but I always find the easiest way to get a nice, straight sweep is with a felt-tip pen liner. My absolute favourite is Soap and Glory’s Supercat Liquid Eyeliner Pen which you can pick up for £6.50 at Boots. It really is just the dream product, easy to use and super black so there’s no streaks! I believe they also do a smaller nib pen too if you require a thinner, more subtle look.

Here’s a quick and simple guide on the easiest way to apply liquid eyeliner;

Step One:

Start from the outer corner of the eye and draw a straight line outwards. Extending liquid eyeliner beyond the eye works for mostly any eye shape, it’s on the lid where you may find that changing your application techniques might suit you more than others.

Obviously, you can extend the line on how dramatic you want the look to be.


Step Two:

Next, draw a line from just before the end of the line you’ve just drawn in a horizontal movement, aiming for the centre of the upper lash line, If you’re going for an everyday look, keep the line narrow and close the lash line.

Step Three:

Using the finest part of the liner pen, carefully join up the line you’ve just draw to the inner corner of the eye.



Step Four:

Fill in the line, I used to use the tip of the pen but I find it much quicker to turn the pen to the side and use the thickest part of the nib to dab on the liner. As I don’t naturally have black eyelashes, I usually dab the colour on the roots of my lashes too to make sure the ginge doesn’t ruin the illusion of mascara!

Step Five:

The tough part…do the same on the other eye. Yes, I know, this is where it all goes wrong and trust me, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been wearing liner or how much of a MUA you are, they’ll never be perfect. Just do your best and touch up on areas where you think you need it. If you make a mistake, use a cotton bud or a Q-tip, dampen it and instead of swiping, slowly turn the bud on the mistake you want to correct for minimal damage to the makeup underneath.

Step Six:

Have fun with your look! Do whatever you want, makeup is an art and use it to express yourself.


Like I mentioned in step one, you can change your eyeliner to suit your eye shape. I found this helpful guide by Ashley Locke on how to apply liner according to eye shape which you can find here.

What is your favourite eye makeup product?

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BotF: My Perfect Colour – Primark Perfect Finish Foundation Review


Happy Saturday, I hope you’re all well!

A month or two ago I started a series on my blog called Battle of the Foundations and since then I’ve sort of neglected the idea a tad because my skin has just had problem after problem and I’ve not really strayed away from my beloved Nars Sheer Glow.

However, Primark have been making a statement in the beauty community and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their foundations and try them out. I tried their foundation stick and their velvet finish foundation in the My Perfect Colour collection but I wasn’t overly keen on the formula so instead I went back and picked up the perfect finish foundation.

Primark? Who are they?

Primark are a retail store who opened up the doors to a store in Dublin in 1969 and have since became THE biggest name in UK and Ireland for affordable fashion, homeware and accessories.

PS… My Perfect Colour, Perfect Finish Foundation

The foundation claims to be medium coverage and have a semi-matte finish. It is also dermatologically tested and contains vitamin E, which gives the product anti-ageing properties. I also googled to see if Primark are cruelty free and they are! Yipee!

The Review

Make-up free!

As always, here is a photo of me without makeup on so you can see the current state of my skin before I applied the product. I moisturised with Nivea Visage Day Cream and then applied NYX Professional Makeup #NOFILTER Blurring Primer. I apply the foundation with my damp Real Techniques beauty sponge.

I picked up shade ‘Porcelain’ as I used the next shade down for the velvet finish foundation and it made me a little orange, which isn’t hard when you’re as pale as I am!

The foundation applied smoothly over my skin and a little goes quite a long way which is surprising considering the price of the product. I was frightened it was going to be too drying and stress out the drier areas on my face but it honestly applied like a treat.

Unlike most higher end foundations I’ve tested, the Primark formula really impressed me with how it didn’t really settle in the fine lines I have under my eyes and around my forehead. I also added the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer onto my blemishes and then applied Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder and I didnt feel like the foundation moved at all or flaked off. I added the rest of my makeup to see how it dealt with the pressure of my terrible contouring skills.

DSC00738 1
After applying the rest of my makeup

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend you go out and try one of the My Perfect Colour foundations from Primark because the quality of the product for the price is INSANE. This foundation is honestly better than some of the really established makeup brand’s foundation that I’ve tested! It lasts fantastically, isn’t too drying and applies beautifully.

The coverage is actually pretty full, I have quite a few spots of hyperpigment so I always want to make sure that they’re covered and this product is buildable so I was able to achieve that. The only downfall the foundation has is that I’m inbetween shades so the porcelain shade is a little too light but I can just use bronzer to darken it a smidge.

I’ve been looking for a foundation to wear when I’m not using my NARS and I genuinely will be reaching for this product! I can’t believe it’s only £2.50!

If you want to see my other posts in the Battle of the Foundations series just click on the product below:

Battle of the Foundations: The Ordinary Foundation Review

Battle of the Foundations: Dermacol Make-Up Cover Review

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Better than GHDs? Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners Review


Sorry I’ve been a little MIA these last two weeks but I unfortunately had to deal with the passing of a family member which has been very upsetting and I’ve needed the time to support my loved ones.

Today I bring you a new topic that I’ve yet to explore on this blog which is all about hair! Now I am not the best with my hair, I have thick, long auburn hair which is a nightmare to style without professional help so I usually just straighten it and that’s about as far as my skills stretch.

I used to have naturally curly hair but with years of straightening and blow drying my hair,  I’m left with a sort of frizzy mane with the occasional kink.

I’ve always been a huge fan of GHDs and used their products since I was in high school and I wasn’t really aware of a brand which topped GHDs in terms of quality and popularity. Until my parents bought me a pair of Cloud Nine straighteners for Christmas.

Cloud Nine? Who are they?

Cloud Nine are a haircare and styling brand which was developed by the creator of GHDs, Robert Powls. Launched in 2009, the brand pride themselves on allowing their clients to adapt their tools to cater for their own hair needs. The ceramic and smart technology used in the products promote healthier and happier hair, which sounds ideal to me! Cloud Nine don’t just stop at straighteners, they also have a curling wand, revolutionary heated rollers and a super savvy hairdryer.

The Review: The Touch Iron

The straightener I have is The Touch Iron which was developed in 2015 and claims to be the world’s fastest heating straighteners and they’re definitely not lying! The blades take seconds to heat up and all you have to do is tap them together to get instant heat.

I used a little bit of oil through my hair before blow drying and then sprayed all over with a heat protecting spray in preparation, just to try and keep my hair as less damaged as possible.

Here is my hair before I used The Touch Iron:


and after a quick 15-20 minutes of straightening, my hair looked so much sleeker:

My favourite feature on these straighteners are how quick and easy it is to change the temperature from 195°C to 165°C for anyone with finer hair, by clicking the blades together three times.


The Touch Iron is only £115 which is in the same price range as the typical GHDs but I’m already seeing the benefits from using Cloud Nine, especially in terms of my hair feeling healthier and less damaged.

If you want to find out more about Cloud Nine or The Touch Iron then you can find their product range at 

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Battle of the Foundations: Dermacol Make-Up Cover Review


I’m back again with another Battle of the Foundation post! I’m hoping to post these every two weeks and get a little routine going but I’m not going to promise anything as my life is a bit unpredictable!

Dermacol? Who are they?

Dermacol started in Prague in the 1960s and is the brainchild of film makeup artists and dermatologists, hoping to provide a cosmetic line which is friendly to all skin types. The brand is globally sold and do not test on animals, yippee!

Dermacol Make-up Cover 

I had seen countless press and reviews on the Dermacol Make-up Cover before purchasing it for myself as it claims to cover most imperfections. Dermacol proudly announce that the product is ‘the first of its kind in Europe’ and has been sold onto Hollywood for use on screen, in modelling and photography.

The 30g product contains 50% pigment, giving the cover an extreme full coverage. The product isn’t specifically a foundation. I think the intended way of usage is more of a concealer type coverage but I have seen Youtubers and Instagram beauty gurus using it as a foundation and decided to give it a go.

Dermacol Make-Up Cover is hypoallergenic, waterproof and SPF 30.

The Review – Shade 207

As always I cleansed my face, moisturised and then applied Benefits’ ‘That Gal’ Brightening Face Primer. I then used just a touch of Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer to cover some blemishes.


I was a little bit worried about how full the coverage of the product would be as I have freckles and don’t usually cover them completely, so although I like a decent amount of coverage, too much is not a good look for me.

Instantly upon applying it to the back of my hand, the product was a thick paste consistency which meant a little goes a LONG way, you really don’t need much at all.

(I added a side by side of my skin with the product applied (photo 2) and bare skinned (photo 3) for comparison)

The product blended really easily, I opted for more of a dragging and then dabbing in technique to get the skin as even as possible. It settled nicely and didn’t look overly cakey! Very surprising for a full coverage face product!

It also did exactly what was promised and covered all my redness and scarring and it didn’t completely suck all the moisture out of my skin like I had expected when I seen how thick the consistency was.

Makeup blends nicely over the top of the product and I found it lasted a long time, although it did break me out the next day which I was a little disappointed about. However, I really love the dewy finish it gave to my skin!


Overall, I would only really use this product if I had a special event and needed more coverage as it’s a bit heavy for me personally but I can definitely see the appeal for people who are conscious about imperfections on their skin.

The product is £12.99 and can be bought from here if you live in the UK!

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Battle of the Foundations: The Ordinary Foundation Review


So I’ve been thinking of ideas for a blog series and I thought what better than to write about my struggles with finding the perfect foundation? For years I’ve tried drugstore and high end foundations, CC/BB creams, tinted moisturisers and all else to combat the many skin concerns I have and to achieve the flawless base I so dream of. I’m currently using NARS Sheer Glow which has worked well but I’m wanting to explore my options a little more. For each review I aim to keep the same prep, cleansing my face and then applying Benefit ‘That Gal’ brightening face primer before applying the foundation of choice with a damp Real Techniques Beauty Blender.

The Ordinary? Who are they?

The Ordinary are a branch under DECIEM who pride themselves in “Clinical Formulations with Integrity”, presenting a honest and innovative cruelty-free brand. Although being more well known for their inexpensive skincare, The Ordinary also launched two foundations as the start of a makeup line, a serum foundation and a coverage foundation.

Before I review the foundations I thought it only fair to post a photo of my skin bare from any makeup (apart from primer) and inform you I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry patches. I also have a lot of discolouration and redness from acne scarring and still get bad breakouts.


The Ordinary: Serum Foundation (Shade 1.1P)

Firstly, both of these foundation are almost crazy in pricing! £5.75? for 30ml? It’s a miracle!

On the website, the product is described as “lightweight medium-coverage” which is a pretty fair summary. On applying the foundation to the back of my hand I was a little worried at just how runny the formula was but on the face it wasn’t too bad. I’d compare the consistency to a more of a BB or CC cream than a foundation and if you like light coverage or perhaps need something super fresh with SPF then this is the choice for you.

As for how it lies on the skin, I noticed quite a bit of creasing around the nose and eye area and it failed to completely cover my redness. I don’t think this particular formula is for me as I like more of a fuller coverage and found this foundation a little drying.


The Ordinary: Coverage Foundation (Shade: 1.1P)

The coverage foundation is just a smidge more expensive at £5.95 but who’s complaining? not me!

On the website, the description boasts that in comparison to the serum foundation, the pigment levels are higher and you can definitely tell in just the formula of the product as it is noticeably thicker which is expected in a higher coverage foundation. It also claims that the product leaves a “semi-matte” finish, which makes for a lovely dewy look that isn’t too greasy.

Although I prefer this formula comparing to the serum as it helped to cover more of my problem areas, I still had issues with my skin feeling dry, hopefully a setting spray or face mist might help.

However, it’s better than a lot of well-known branded foundations that I’ve tried so props to The Ordinary for producing a product that beats some of the beauty biggies!

Overall, The Ordinary have two solid foundations that can match different uses. They’re cruelty free and vegan which is a huge deal for all those ethic-conscious makeup users! For the cost of the products these are great to try out for yourself if you’re looking for a new foundation without breaking the bank.

If you live in the UK, you can purchase The Ordinary from BeautyBay or CultBeauty

I’m eager to try out some of their other products!

Thanks for reading,