Things you might be missing on Netflix


At this point, I’m pretty sure almost every man, woman and dog has used Netflix at some part of their life. Whether it’s been for just the free trial or as a dedicated subscriber, the streaming site is a blessing when it comes to avoiding boring Saturday night TV and annoying adverts every 5 minutes.

As we already know, Netflix stream hugely popular television and films from Hollywood production companies such as Breaking Bad, Suits and Peaky Blinders, which all have cult followings. However, Netflix also produce their own content that has proved to be wildly popular and challenges the global broadcasting giants. These shows include Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and most recently, Queer Eye.

However, as talked about these shows and films are, not all content on Netflix is given the same amount of publicity. I filtered through some of my favourite shows on Netflix that may have gone under the radar but are well worth the watch!


The Get Down


I’m going to start off with my favourite find ever on Netflix…The Get Down. When the show first premiered on Netflix, I believe it had amazing press reviews and still I had no real intention of watching. For no particular reason either. It wasn’t until I realised that the show was the brainchild of Baz Luhrmann aka. the genius behind Moulin Rouge!, The Great Gatsby and Romeo + Juliet, that I thought I’d give it a watch. My god, what a sensational show!

Based in 1970’s South Bronx, the story follows Ezekiel, a young teen with a talent for poetry and words who finds himself in an unlikely friendship with a aspiring DJ and part time criminal, Shaolin Fantastic. The pair begin to produce music together and form ‘The Get Down Brothers’. The show incorporates love, youth, friendship, betrayal and the struggles of the Bronx.

I can’t praise this show enough, the musical talent is insane and the characters are easy to love. I’m devastated they’re not doing another season.



Now, here’s a show I bet you’ve either never heard of/heard little about. If you didn’t catch the show on it’s release then there’s a good chance you won’t even know it exists because no one really talks about it!

Easy is one of those, super-easy, stick it on whilst you’re having brekkie kind of programmes. However, it does have quite a bit of nudity so if you have little one’s it’s maybe not the breakfast show for you!

Easy is a series that covers all sorts of relationships and their issues, whether romantically or sexual. Each episode brings a new scenario with new people, with a select handful of couples making a return for the second series. Definitely worth a watch!




Although I’ve seen quite a lot of advertisement for GLOW, I’ve not seen many people raving about it, which I don’t understand because it’s fantastic.

GLOW, Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling, is a TV series based in the 80s which features a bunch of struggling, aspiring actresses who join the cast of a brand new TV programme where women wrestle. A popular concept or the era.

I found it so easy to get attached to the characters and the second series is just as enjoyable as the first. Girl Power!


Santa Clarita Diet


If you’re into weird, out there programmes, then this one is for you!

Drew Barrymore plays a happy go lucky, real estate agent who lives a peaceful, simple life until one day contracts a disease which transforms her into a flesh-eating zombie. The show follows how her character finds human food, by help from her devoted husband and daughter, all whilst trying to find a cure.

The show is quite strange and gruesome, but the light-hearted humour makes the story enjoyable and hilarious.


That’s all from me,





Month in Music: February

Hello March, Goodbye February!

As we wave goodbye to all the joys of February (pancake day) for another year and pray that the weather gets just that little bit better, I’m back with all the music I’ve been overplaying this month. Just as expected there’s a mix of all sorts from soundtrack, pop, indie, 80s etc.

So without further ado, here are my top 20 songs that I’ve listened to in February:

  • Telepathy – Christina Aguilera, Nile Rodgers (The Get Down Soundtrack)

Christina Aguilera has been one of my favourite singers for years now and I can recognise her voice ANYWHERE. So when I was watching The Get Down on Netflix, (which is fantastic by the way I highly recommend) this song was featured in a scene and I became OBSESSED. It’s the perfect pop/disco mix and you can definitely hear Nile Rodgers influence on the track.

  • A Change of Heart – The 1975

The 1975 are a band I’ve followed and enjoyed since their first album and A Change of Heart was always a song I skipped over on the ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ album but for some reason I decided to watch the music video on Youtube and I’m so angry I’ve slept on this song for so long. The lyrics are so sad and I love all the little references to the songs off the first album. This is definitely The 1975 at their best.

  • On the Loose – Niall Horan

Niall has massively impressed me ever since the band went on hiatus (they’re on a break ok!) and his album is great! My two friends and I are off to see him on the 16th March and On The Loose will 100% be the song I anticipate the most. It’s very laid-back Fleetwood Mac/The Eagles inspired and it works a treat with Niall’s approach to his solo sound.

  • Want You Back – 5 Seconds of Summer

I’ve always been indecisive about 5SOS. When they first came on the scene I really enjoyed their sound and Try Hard was my bop for a good few months but by the time their second album came around I wasn’t as charmed. When I heard they were releasing new material I decided to give it a listen and I love it. They’ve gone for a more indie sound comparing to their pop punky style which they’re known for. I’m excited to hear more!

  • Never Tear Us Apart – Bishop Briggs

I went to see the newest Fifty Shades film a few weeks ago and usually I’m a huge fan of the soundtrack but this time I was only drawn in by a handful of songs. This INXS cover is insanely dreamy! The vocalist has the perfect raspiness to add the right amount of sexiness to the track and it compliments the film excellently. Already a lover of the original, this cover does it justice.

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify right here

Happy listening!